Transport Program

• Low-cost high-quality service

• Animals are picked-up at central location and brought to our clinic

• Overnight stay with feeding

• Additional services are available: 

· Rabies 1 year vaccine ($15)  · FVRCP vaccine ($15) · Bordetella vaccine ($15) · DHPP  ($15)

· Feline leukemia/aids test ($25) & vaccine ($15) · Microchip ($20) · E-collar ($5) · Nail Trim ($5) 

· Heartworm Testing ($15) & Heartworm Preventative (based on weight)  · Deworming ($5) & Tapeworm Deworming ($15)

· Flea/Tick Prevention : Activyl ($12 per month/$60 6 months) & Bravecto ($46 per dose- 12 week product)

Call for costs & to schedule your pet's appointment! 941-957-1955 

LOST? Call our transport at 941-321-1600 

This phone is on during the morning of the transport program. Do not call this number to schedule an appointment, this phone is not checked on a regular basis.

Current Transport Dates

Please note that all transport dates require an appointment. Please call us at 941-957-1955 to make your pet's appointment! If you are LOST on the morning of your appointment, please call us at 941-321-1600. 

June 14th:  Port Charlotte at Kays-Ponger & Uselton Funeral Home - Please arrive at At 7:15am for drop-off pets. At 6:00pm (same day) we return your animals. 

June 21st: Arcadia at the Peace River Campground - Please arrive at 7:30am for drop-off of your pets. At 5:30pm (same day) we return your animals. 

Pick-Up Addresses

Port Charlotte: Kays-Ponger & Uselton Funeral Home at 2405 Harbor Boulevard • Port Charlotte, FL 33952

Arcadia: Peace River Campground at 2998 NW Highway 70 • Arcadia, FL 34266

What To Know

You must have an appointment to use our transport services.

Check-in process can take up to 45 minutes. 

For pets 4 months or older: no food after midnight.

For pets 4 months or younger: please feed a small of amount of food at 6am, no more food after 6:30am.

DO NOT pull water.

Dogs must arrive on secure leashes. Cats must be in secure carriers, If you do not have a leash or carrier you must leave the pets in your car. 

CASH is the only form of payment we accept at this time. Please bring your total due in cash the morning of your appointment. If requested at time of scheduling appointment, you must bring proof of income & state issued ID (i,e. Food Stamp Card, Medicaid Card, WIC Card, W2 or recent pay-stub.)

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, it is REQUIRED that you notify us by the morning prior to the appointment. 

You must leave a contact number so that you can be reached the days your animal(s) are with us. 

You may call us with questions, at any time: 941-957-1955. If you are lost or running late, you may call the morning of transport at 941-321-1600 to speak with the transport driver. This phone is not on at any other time. 

What The Vehicle Looks Like